Monday, June 23, 2008


I used to love looking at the sky, counting the stars while my hand is clasped into yours. I would tell you my plans for us; I'd go abroad, find a decent job and save for our future. Then I would be your wife. I would take care of you and our children. I would spend each day of my life with you. Can you still remember what I used to tell you?

"I will always be here, always..."

Do you see that light?

No that's not a star. That's the light of the star that has long been extinguished. The star from which the light came from is gone but its light has continued to glow, to give light, to guide.

I am like that star.

You may think that I've left you and today you'll cry a river of tears. You'll mourn for me, be in denial of my death but time will come you'll find the strength to move on. And someday I might be forgotten. You will find a new love while my memory will slowly fade. I know one day, you'll look at the same sky. Your hand clasped into someone's. You would tell her your plans for the two of you. You will look at the sky without feeling pain for my loss. Instead you will be thankful.

Though I won't be able to share the future with you, yesterday is enough for me to carry on. A moment with you is all that I could ask for. And seeing you happy is enough consolation.

No, i dont dread the coming of that day, surely. For while you're looking at the sky, I will be looking down on you. And i will still whisper, "I will always be here, always..."


Kung ang langit
Sakbibi ng ulap, ulan at kidlat
Ang magiging saksi
Sa aking paghapis -

Pusong balatkayo
Alaala ng nakaraan
Ang siyang pananggalang

Sa ngayon
Pagkat ang buhay
Nanimdim, nawalay...

Ang langit ay tumigil at
nagpakaluhod sa lupa
Nagmakaawa sa putik
Na ako ay ibalik
sa iyong mga yakap

At ang ulan ay lumuha
at dumurog sa mga rosas sa hardin ni Eba
at unti unting umapaw
sa nagaalimpuyo kong puso

AIla'y nagmakaawa
Kaisa ng aking kaluluwa
Na ikaw ay magbalik

Ng ulan ay manatiling ulan
Na papawi sa aking hapdi
At ang pagibig manatiling dahilan
Sa pagpatak ng kanyang awa.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Search is On

If only finding a boyfriend is as simple as finding a laptop. You write down all the specs you need...

- dual core processor

- at least 120 GB of HDD

- at least 2 GB of RAM

- built in webcam

- 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards

- sleek design

- portable

- not heavy on the budget

- not a burden on my shoulders

as opposed to...

- can multitask and balance love/family/career/personal/social life

- at least an I.Q. of 140 or should be sensible enough / does not talk in baroque, trying hard English / and if he does, not in front of my friends please!

- should have enough memory to remember dates, anniversaries, special occasions, memorable moments

- faithful, faithful, faithful

- presentable ehem... i'm no longer looking for washboard abs but why not...

- should have his own money, must be working, i'm not a sugar mommah

- should not add complications to my uber-complicated life

Oh well.

Wanna know how the search ended?

I didn't find a boyfriend (i thought i was close to finding one but turns out he lacks balls) but I did find a laptop. It's an Asus A8LE and I'm loving it. So for now, I'd be glad to settle : )