Friday, May 16, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Lately, my cold summer nights are spent watching ANTM on YouTube. I just don't know why my bets never win. Cycle 10 just wrapped up with my bet being one of the Final 2. Oh well, it kinda pulls me down. That's how affected I am.

Here are my top ladies from all cycles.

Natasha Galkina, Cycle 8

I just don't understand that being nice is being fake. Only being rude and mean is being real
- nata

Natasha is second runner up to Jaslene who I think is not really nice and not really pretty (just photogenic and way too skinny!). What I so love about her is her very positive attitude. Even at the start of the competition, the girls were being judgmental about her life and the fact that she married a guy way older than her (she's from Russia, btw). But she harbored all the ill comments about her. She's genuinely kind and I so heart her. She is my ultimate top model.

Anya Kop, Cycle 10

I really feel that Anya should have won. It's just that Whitney (the winner) was a plus-size model and ANTM has never had one. Whitney has a stinky attitude and she bitches about everyone while Anya was fun to work with and the girl has got sense. And she is nice, she always has a nice thing to say. I really don't get why she didn't win.

Heather Kuzmich, Cycle 9

She's an American fashion model and a video game designer. Imho, Heather is very funny and talented (she's got a gallery in deviantart). I used to go to Wikipedia (one of the approved websites at the office) and just check out her profile. She takes stunning pictures and she's just so pretty. It's remarkable that she has Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD (it's a mild case of autism). But despite all that, she still rocks!

Heather's Myspace --->
And her deviantart page --->

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Invisible Girl

People are asking me why I'm always invisible in Yahoo Messenger.

Well, I don't want to be rude so I'd rather avoid any arguments and unnecessary bickering online. Besides, I prefer a full head on confrontation. But there are times when you just have to deal with the people you dislike.

I posted an ad on Friendster for a writer/administrative assistant post. There's this one guy who inquired.

b : did u get my msg?
karissa044: yup
b : does the writer have to report to your office?
karissa044: not really

(us discussing the job details... totally boring for you)

b : what's ur email address, il send u the sample article in a few days

karissa044: well basically we're just looking for a flexible writer


b : am i still unallowed to get your #?
karissa044: ill get urs

b: 0927xxxxxxx

karissa044: tnx

b: am i forever labeled as unworthy of a "decent impression"
b : do i look like someone who doest live a normal life, with a reputable job
karissa044: you do

karissa044: you're just rude and sarcastic
b : you mind telling me how u came to that conclusion

b : because it's as if you're saying im uneducated, im a total pervert who has no control of his urges, and that i never respected anyone. to sum it up, you look at me as scum.
karissa044: you said that not me
karissa044: anyway if u dont have any other question, madami pa kong gagawin

b: well why dont u be frank with me

karissa044: bye

b : ok then. no need to insult me with your indifference. you know, im trying to be a friend, or at least show that im a different person that you're assuming me to be.
bry : heck, i even used my personal id to chat with you, just to prove that i dont have anything to hide.

b: anyway, thanks for your time. you wont ever hear from me anymore, obviously u dont need me as an acquaintance, and i am insulted by your actions. you really stepped on a person tonight.


WTF! First of all this was the same guy who asked me during the time I was in a long distance relationship with how I cope up with my lack of ^ehem sensual ^ehem life. He wasn't even a friend. He's just one of the guys trying to get my number in friendster. Too bad, that time I was so faithful I wouldn't give my number to anyone. In fairness, he has a decent job and all that. But the attitude really sucks. Oh well...

So, if you see me offline chances are I'm just hiding from someone. Until then, feel free to buzz me: : )