Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Buy Me Buy Me Ebay!

I've always been a shopaholic. I'm the only eternally broke shopaholic in the whole world. Lately, I've been confined in the realms of my abode thus I needed to set aside my favorite hobby - window shopping.

But - when there's a will, there's a way! And soon, I found myself logging in the world of eBay.

A few weeks later, I've consumed all my savings (again). I placed bid on 5 bags (yes, five!), Victoria's Secret lotion and body spray, a digicam, maybelline lipstick, a Fiorucci wallet and probably something else that I missed. I didn't know I would be that lucky (?) to win all of it. After contemplating whether I should risk my eBay feedback or one month worth of groceries - I decided I'm gonna get 'em. Here are some of my purchases.

My favorite bag as of press time - brand new Debenhams bag for 350 Php

Brand new (with tags!) No Boundaries Hobo Bags in D and K for 200 Php

Victoria's Secret lotion for 200 Php

Brand new (with tag!) Fiorucci wallet for 200 Php

brand new Rampage barrel bag for 133 Php

Isn't it a handful? Now, there's one more thing left to do - put eBay in my list of blocked websites.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ooooohhh… oooooohhhh

Faster… Faster than the beat of my wild heart. His breath into my ear reminds me of all the moans and stifled cries of the men who passed into my life.

Aaaaahhh… ahhhhhhhhhh

Harder… he grips me harder. His one hand clasps my arms and the other squeezes my now swollen breast. He digs beyond my body and into my very soul. I almost choked with his grasp.

Each trace of his tongue in my body, each feel of his lips, each kiss brings tears to my heart. My body is on fire but my heart is numb.

His wholeness pierce at my flesh. I could feel his throbbing manhood sway to the rhythm of this ancient dance. Slower at first, carefully accelerating – pounding like a mad man, thrusting deeper beneath the surface, delving into my existence, triggering emotions I had shunned many times before.

He looks into my eyes and I see his soul soar up in the sky while I - remained on the ground.

He flowed into me and he remained. He flowed into my veins and poisoned my flesh, my blood, my body.

The aftermath of it all – a good f***. Void of emotion. Void of words. Just lust. Pure lust.

He took his clothes and walked away. Probably forever. Just as others have walked and closed the door. He treaded their footsteps and he too, did not see the tears nor did he feel the my pain. He, too would never know.

I don’t need a good f***.

I just need true love.