Saturday, April 26, 2008

Youtube's Funniest Videos

Recently, I’ve been spending almost half of my time in the Internet browsing for Youtube videos. I wasn’t a fan at first, but as soon as I found out that I can actually watch previous Marimar and Lobo episodes – I got hooked. But due to the copyrights issue, videos of my favorite shows were pulled out. I then switched to watching America’s Next Top Model for the sole reason of always forgetting when it is on. And soon after, my romance with Youtube leveled up. I found myself watching home-made videos and I actually found myself laughing hysterically about it. So, let me share with you some of my favorite videos.

Ken Lee’s version of Mariah’s Song with English subtitle

The original Cuppy Cake song

Bludduh – Not Funny!!!

Daddy keeps on waking up sleepy babe

Dog wakes up baby

Scary baby laugh

Are Americans stupid?

The best push ups ever

Baby breaking it down

Cheeky baby gets a boob scare

Amazing pantomime

Friday, April 25, 2008


I was supposed to go to Anawangin Beach in Zambales tonight. Too bad, it's high tide and according to my friend's cousin who's from there - the waves are crazy. Oh well, I'll just ogle at these pictures and plan a trip (hopefully with someone straight that I can cuddle) in the next months. In a way, it's also a good thing for me since I'm saving for a laptop and I'm trying to have lighter skin. I'm so tired of being sun kissed., in tagalog negra : )

puro pine trees daw sa forest ng anawangin... hmmm why kaya?

Credits to Erick for these stunning pictures. More of these at

Things N Thongs

I found out that the url is no longer available. My fault, btw. I had that blog years ago which I decided to delete.

But this is going to be my new home.

It's easier to maintain and this way I can have all the blogs I manage under one log in screen.

In the age of technology, we tend to lose ourselves among different aliases and identity. Hopefully, this will keep mine intact.

Happy reading!