Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cold Summer Nights

In case you've wondered why I haven't updated my blog for a month now - I have been so busy trying to figure things out. Aside from rubbing elbows with death, I'm also trying my best to go back to my normal life and forget that very tragic night which I'll write about when I'm ready. I reckon I'm pretty much back to perfect shape but every now and then... the nightmares come back to visit.

Anyway, it has helped a lot that I went on a summer vacation with my best friends Marvin and Joe and my adorable brother, Rommel. Sadly, on our first day in Puerto Galera, we heard that a motorboat sank and 12 people died. We could have been on the same boat. I'm glad we weren't because only Marvin and Rommel know how to swim. I also kind of know how to, like I can float for a few seconds, but when someone talks to me, I swear I'll start sinking.

funny friendly faces

On a lighter note, we had a blast! Kebabs, mindoro fling er-- mindoro sling, kahlua, barbeques, sinigang, grilled squid, gays dancing, fruit shakes, hot guys and girls (for Rommel) were all over the place. I had a massage right by the beach and had my hair braided. I skipped the henna tattoo or else I'll be enticed to get a real one. Our mornings were spent taking hilarious pictures and nights were for dancing like crazy. Of course, people looked at us all the time like as if we got out of some mental institutions but we're used to it. Really.

my brother said he's glad we don't look alike so he can deny I'm his sister in case I do something stupid

One of those nicer shots

I had a hard time trying to suck all my stomach in

the jump shots (Rommel was laughing at us all the time)

My FHM shot hehe. Of course it's photoshopped

taken before we left our room

Here's to hoping I don't get too dark

and lastly, my favorite picture of the bunch - taken to remind someone what he's missing. Did I sense some bitterness there? lol