Sunday, August 23, 2009

Up, Up and Away

I didn't want to watch Up at first, despite of the good reviews I've read about the movie. But after my friend promised that we will watch Time Traveler's Wife next Sunday, I finally agreed.

The movie tells the story of a quiet boy named Carl who meets a rather aggressive girl named Ellie. Together, they both dreamed of an elusive adventure that they always seemed to put off until Carl outlived Ellie (this is the hearbreaking part). Finally, he decided to chase their dream and found something more than he hoped for.

Up is as enchanting as it is inspring. It made me want to break out of my cynic shell and just take that first step to making my ultimate dream come true but at the same time, it taught me not to be afraid to make new dreams. It's definitely a must watch. The best movie from Pixar so far. And oh, I was deeply touched that I was inspired to make a poem. Warning: it's kinda cheesy.

Paradise Falls

You came like a dream
Vanished before I've seen
The wonders you brought to me
Went as quickly as a breeze

I hold on to what was left
I screamed 'til I'm out of breath
I closed my eyes and tried to pretend
That you'll hold me until the end
Though I know I have to let go...

I'll never be lost
As long as I follow my paradise falls
I'll chase wherever my heart goes
Until I arrive at paradise falls

I'll take that step away from you
I won't be scared to dream a dream or two
Like a bird that escaped from my grasp
I watch as you spread your wings at last...

Because I'll never be lost
As long as I follow my paradise falls
Oh, paradise falls
I'll see you at paradise falls...



oh yeeees... indeed, UP is a MUST WATCH movie...

it's like watching E.T. when we were still kids... i had that same feeling when i saw UP...

Retro Manila said...

UP was effin funny and mushy in some parts.

It's a great watch. :)

(Btw, I noticed the new header... nice photo. I have an idea. You want another photog to take your portraits? *wink* *wink*)

Karissa said...

pwede... can u tell im a camwhore? wanna get a dslr soon para makapagshoot na uli ako.

Anonymous said...

i will see you soon

karissa said...

see me soon? who's this?

Helen Jose said...

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